We recommend that if possible all files be sent via email to:


: Please include the following information with all artwork submissions
  Company and/or Organization information (if applicable)
  Contact name
  Phone number (Daytime)

Types of Digital Files

Vector:  Images that have their information stored geometrically and can be easily scaled to any size without any loss in image of quality. Some graphics applications that produce these files are Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

Raster:  Images that have their information stored as pixels or dots and do not scale well without a loss of quality (jagged, stair stepped edges etc.). Generally produced by digital cameras, scanners and painting applications such as Corel Photo Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

Preferred Art Format

Art files in vector format are preferred and will yield the best results for image reproduc-tion and manipulation. Art files should be submitted without gray scales, halftones or color. If your art contains specific fonts that are to be reproduced, it should be converted to curves (Corel) or outlines (Adobe) before being submitted.

Acceptable PC File Formats

Here is the list of file formats that we can use in order of preference:
Vector Formats: Raster Formats:
1 .cdr (Corel Draw) 4

.tif (TIFF Bitmap)


.eps (Encapsulated Postscript) 5

.jpg (Compressed Image Format)


.ai (Adobe Illustrator)


.gif  (Graphics Interchange Format)

Alternative Artwork Forms

Although EBA prefers digital art, we recognize that it is not always possible. The following some alternative formats:
Laser Printout Business Cards
Photocopies Photos
Inkjet Printout Patches

Storage Media

If a file cannot be sent via email here are some optional media types for sending us your art files:
IBM Formatted 3.5" Diskette IBM Formatted CD

USB Memory Key


If you have any questions regarding the above guide lines please contact us for assistance. We will happy to assist you in any way we can.



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